CORPORATE ASTUTE GROUP ,  we serve in organizational and service referral in the Construction , Mining (Heavy Duty equipment) and logistics. We refer and hire high quality and user friendly machinery. With efficient response on time and less paper work. Our priority is to get you working, assisting in securing contracts and excellent service delivery.


Offered Services

Construction, Logistic & Mining Equipment Hire

Excavators 40 -75, Trucks, Mobile Cranes, Dump and Loading /Tipper Trucks 6 – 32 Ton, BOB CATS, Grader, Roller, TLB, Front End Loader, Forklifts, Bulldozers and General Heavy duty tools.

Business Management Consulting
A cost affective way to bridge a gap in knowledge and skills within your organization, or as a way to bring a fresh, objective, and professional perspective to the company.

Strategic . Business Management. Information Technology. Marketing. Brand building and Sales consulting.

INTENT: Driving Global growth and developing new Business opportunities across the globe.

CORPORATE ASTUTE GROUP Refers to an intelligent, perspicacious large organization with the ability to accurately assess Businesses.


Excellent Team and level of service delivery is just soaring to greater heights.



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